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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the boundaries of the project area?
  2. What is the purpose of the project?
  3. Why improve the K-7 and I-70 Interchange?
  4. What is the K-7 and I-70 Interchange concept?
  5. Why was the K-7and I-70 Interchange concept chosen?
  6. What is the K-7 Corridor Management Study?
  7. What has happened during the design process?
  8. How will the K-7 and I-70 Interchange impact existing and future businesses?
  9. When will KDOT start buying property?
  10. What is the property acquisition process?
  11. How will access be provided from K-7 to nearby businesses, homes, and cross-streets?
  12. Will alternate routes be provided during construction?
  13. Will noise buffers or sound barriers be included with the project?
  14. What is the project schedule?
  15. How much will the ultimate K-7 and I-70 Interchange cost and what will it cost to build each of its phases?
  16. How will KDOT keep stakeholders informed?
  17. How can I get involved?
  18. How do I get more information related to the project?
  19. How do I get more information related to T-WORKS?